Freedom Farms provides professional horse blanket cleaning, waterproofing, and repair for Sonoma county in California. Our quality services include washing, weatherproofing, and blanket repair. We also care for horse sheets, coolers, saddle pads, boots, and more.

We Value Your Business. It's that simple.

We recognize that you have options when it comes to the care of your horse blankets and equine apparel. That's why we are proud to earn your business through quality service and professionalism.

To better understand the value FREEDOM FARMS offers, we've compiled a list of differences for your consideration.

•                Guarantee of Satisfaction.

•                Our website published prices are our prices!

•                We'll never charge you for random, hidden fees like gas surcharges or drop-off/pickup fees.

•                We call for approval on all repairs.

•                We notify you when your blanket has been delivered.

•                We respect your privacy - including email addresses.

•                We have a published privacy policy.