Frequently Asked Questions

Should I Waterproof my blanket every time I send it in?

If your blanket has been laundered properly through out its life meaning cold washed, no agitation, and air dried, the manufacture waterproofing should last for four years. After that, if you send your blanket in once a month for washing (October-March) we recommend waterproofing twice a year. The beginning of the rainy season and again in the spring once you switch to lighter blankets. Not every material holds waterproofing well, so keep that in mind. A tighter weave the better the waterproofing holds. 

If a Blanket is truly waterproof how does it breathe?

 Waterproofed blankets are usually constructed with a wik-away material. Your horses body temperature will actually help keep your horse dry underneath. Think of it as you would a top of the line waterproof coat from REI. When we reapply waterproofing the product is an earth friendly and breathable waterproofing that protects all fabric types from the harsh elements without using heavy solvents or chemicals. It is water-based and dries odor-free and does not change the color, feel, or flexibility of the fabric.  

Why does my blanket twist on my horse?

Try criss-crossing your elastic leg straps rather than keeping them on the same sides. Also, make sure all your belly straps and legs straps are shortened, not tight but snug. Low hanging straps can get caught when your horse kicks at bugs and gets up from rolling or sleeping. If your leg straps are worn out and stretched out we sell custom made leg strap replacements to fix that. Visit our services page for details. 

Will you pick up my blankets from my private barn?

Yes, we will pick up from anywhere! boarding facilities, private barns, your residence or I will meet you where its convenient for you. No minimum amount of blankets or travel charges. 

How much do you charge?

We have a current price list here. If you have a more specific question please don't hesitate to contact us

How do I know what size blanket my horse wears?

Measure from the center of your horses chest around his barrel to the center of his tail. ROUND DOWN!! We have found that most blankets get ripped because the blanket is too big.